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Callback Options Callback technology is a fascinating topic. At one point in time if you wanted to do Callbacks you either programmed your own middleware or purchased a pricey third party product. These days, most contact center solutions include Callback functionality. Often there is little or no extra cost and the functionality can be turned on or off at will.   Callback Examples Back in late 1999 I had the opportunity to study the network level call details of Net Zero’s NBA advertising campaigns during the quarter time and half time intermissions of national play-off games. One of my recommendations at that time was to handle the spikes with call-backs. It worked great. Callbacks can be a useful tool to respond to brief intense advertising spikes.   Mis-Use of Callbacks However, Callbacks are frequently mis-used and relied upon for all the wrong reasons. Try calling the Air Canada call center. Callbacks are always-on and wait times are always over an hour. It’s a great example of using Callbacks instead of good decision making – with persistently terrible results.   Root Causes of Poor Callback Strategies Much of the blame falls on the heavily-marketed, under-performing WFM solutions. These products mislead customers into thinking their forecasts are reliable. They are not reliable, not accurate, not even close. Technically speaking, they are not even forecasts – though that’s what everyone still calls them. The high forecast accuracy reported by WFM solutions is entirely fake. That’s not a criticism of one product. It’s a factual statement about how every vendor manipulates data to present falsified metrics. Most planners don’t realize that this is happening — even though it’s been going on for 30 years.   Ilustrating Callback Strategy Errors So let’s say you have the right number of staff (which most call centers do). But you have the grave mis-fortune of having those staff timed improperly (which many call centers do thanks to WFM). As your day progresses, the queue gets larger and larger. Each interval has to deal not only with the calls that arrive, they also have to deal with the misfortune of every new call lining up behind lots of callers that did not get serviced in the prior intervals....

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