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No Tricks

No Tricks

Wisdom WFO is the only WFM solution that will not manipulate your data to fake the forecast accuracy.


Stacking the Deck

Your WFM software uses an ancient forecast method that ignores critical information like wait times. In fact, it only considers total calls and average call length. That’s not much to go on so you get forecasts that are never even close.

What confuses many people is that these crude forecasts appear 98% accurate. The appearance of accuracy is pure slight of hand. Your software just shuffles the cards to create the illusion of forecast accuracy. It’s an easy trick when wait times don’t matter. Here’s how it works.

You lay down money for WFM software hoping for accurate forecasts. Let’s say the software gives you a forecast for 9:00 – 9:15 tomorrow. It predicts 300 calls offered. As it turns out 400 customers actually call. That’s 33% over-forecast. It’s a problem for you but not for your WFM software. It scheduled only enough agents to answer 300 calls. So the switch reports close to 300 answered calls. With the typical 2% abandon rate, only 6 or fewer callers will abandon before 9:15.

The WFM software quietly ignores the real offered call data from the switch (400 Calls). Instead, it adds-up the answered and abandoned calls and Presto – 98% forecast accuracy. A third of the callers had to wait until later in the day. But your software says wait times don’t matter. The forecast always looks like it comes true no matter how long your customers wait and no matter how many customers actually call.

Don’t feel bad if you missed that. All the WFM guru’s and call center planning schools missed it too. Its been like that for 30 years.


Win / Lose

With the illusion of forecast accuracy, your WFM software wins but everyone else loses including the angry customers, stressed out agents and the entire company (because a third of the wait times were unreasonable high). Most of the unreasonable wait times don’t even show up in the service levels because the longest wait times don’t matter — at least not when calculating service levels.


The Fair Game

Wisdom WFO doesn’t play tricks. It uses modern SCO planning. SCO stands for System Capacity Optimization. SCO evaluates every bit of historical information that is available to a modern call center. That includes over six characteristics of every call, including wait time. So when you receive 400 calls, over 2400 attributes of those calls are analyzed towards calculating the perfect number of agents to schedule. You could say other products consider only two things (offered calls and average talk time) but that would be too generous because they actually discard the offered call data and invent a new number that ignores everything that really happened.


The Truth Helps

Wisdom WFO approach is entirely truthful and transformational. You get amazing results starting the first day you switch. Incredible improvements to wait times, complaints, agent stress, absenteeism, first call resolution and everything that matters to a call center.

If you don’t believe it’s true, ask our customers who will tell you it is true or ask yourself if you think wait times matter. If you believe they do, then its time to start learning about the only modern planning solution.

Wisdom WFO is more than just forecasting. It actually has more features that the WFM software you might now like to replace. It’s easy to switch, easy to learn and easy to use. But, most importantly it actually works because it understands what you understand.

Wait times really do matter.