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Wisdom WFM. The easiest and most accurate way to manage your workforce. It's now easy to have short wait times, happy agents and high productivity.

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What is Wisdom WFM ?

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An easy to use web app that will help you
Optimize Your Workforce

Wisdom WFM is the market leader in Modern AI Based Workforce Management. It was the first to use real data for forecasting and remains the only player with this capability. Wisdom uses an AI based solution that analyzes the second by second detail of every transaction. Capable of forecasting and scheduling phone, chat, email and other other off-phone activities. Wisdom WFM is a complete solution that is proven to reduce wait times, reduce customer complaints, and enhance the job satisfaction of your front line staff.

Some of Our Awesome Features

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Agent Tools

These tools are available to simplify interaction between agents. It include features such as shift trading, vacation requests, shift bidding and much more.

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Multiple options for forecast creation and tuning are available. Ask about our calibrated risk forecasts and what makes them different!

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Schedules can be created in a single click. Unplanned and manual changes can be made using our simple drag-drop schedule editor.

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Hundreds of pre-configured reports available at your fingertips. All reports are customizable. New reports can be created using our report server.

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Real-time look at the activity each user is currently performing. Integrated directly with the ACD with transaction markers.

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Customize your quick links, view your schedule at a glance, action pending requests and reports.

Wisdom WFM Web Based
Web based and Mobile Friendly

Our hosted solution allows users to work and report from anywhere. Work from home and across multiple time zones while maintaining an enterprise wide view of your business.

Wisdom WFM One Click
Automation: Single Click Solution

You can create forecasts, schedule, assign agents, activities, breaks and lunches with a single click!

Wisdom WFM Customizable
Fully customizable

Customization per role, permission or group. Individuals can have customized permissions down to the visible object on each page. We work with you to build a solution that works for your unique business.

Wisdom WFM Integration
Integrates with all ACD

You have data, we can integrate! Out the box integration with ICE, VCC, Zeacomm and other popular contact center providers.

Wisdom WFM Automatic Backups
Automatic Backups

Never lose data or any work with our automatic backups and baseline systems. Revert back to old schedule states in a single click!

WFM Provides Better Coordination for Better Results which improves:

Good Forecast = Better Schedules = Better Coordination

Key Markets, Partners and Industries

Clients across all industries including banks, telcos, and utility providers.

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Reseller partnership with Bell and Rogers

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100% market shares with the Government of Canada in the last 5 years

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