Wisdom WFM Pricing

Wisdom WFM is simple, fair and all inclusive. Versatile user options include a customizable list of features and tools. The web application is hosted and integrates with all contact center solutions.

Here are features and tools included for our main user types:

Basic User

Wisdom WFM Dashboard Image

Tools & Features for Agents

  • My Schedules
  • Shift Bidding
  • Leave Requests
  • Vacation Banking and Vacation Bidding
  • Shift Segment Change Requests
  • Simple Shift Trades and Offers
  • Multi-Part Shift Trades
  • Extra Hours
  • Punch Clock and Adherence
  • Team Schedules *
  • My Friends *

Administrative User

Wisdom WFM Dashboard Image

Features for Supervisors, Managers and Admin

  • Includes All BASIC USER Functionality!
  • One-Click Forecasting / Scheduling
  • Multiple Activity Allocation Method
  • Binary and Intelligent Adherence
  • Intraday Management Tools
  • Create and rollback Baselines
  • Easy Approvals Console
  • Report Server and Business Analytics
  • Advanced Meeting Scheduler
  • Scheduling Configurations
  • System Configurations
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