Wisdom WFM Features

All features can be customized, hidden or restricted based on business rules and requirements.


Wisdom WFM Dashboard Image

Customize your quick links, view your schedule at a glance, action pending requests and reports.

Agent Configuration

Wisdom WFM Agent Tools Image

Configure agent profile details such as locations, team, hired date, available times and much more.

Shift Trade

Wisdom WFM Agent Tools Image

Intelligent shift trading module that only displays relevant candidates and cleans up on completion.

Shift Change

Wisdom WFM Agent Tools Image

Request to change your start time, break times, add or remove activities.

Leave Requests

Wisdom WFM Agent Tools Image

Submit full and partial leaves for single or multiple days.

Bidding Admin

Wisdom WFM Agent Tools Image

Create bidding rosters with bid timers and agent queues.

My Friends

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Add your friends and when possible the system will co-schedule your lunch and breaks!


Wisdom WFM Forecast Image

Ask about our calibrated risk forecasts and what makes them different!

Forecast Tuning

Wisdom WFM Forecast Image

Multiple tuning options such as scale by volume and duration. Revert changes with full undo / redo functionality.


Wisdom WFM Forecast Image

Annotate outliers during the day. Optionally use the annotated changes during the next forecast creation.


Wisdom WFM Schedule Image

Created complex schedules easily. Agent assignments, preferences, and leaves are all optimized in a single click.

1 Day Grid

Wisdom WFM Agent Tools Image

Unplanned and manual changes can be made using our simple drag-drop schedule editor

Exception Management

Wisdom WFM Agent Tools Image

Add partial or full day exceptions quickly and easily.

Schedule Optimizations

Wisdom WFM Agent Tools Image

Optimize your schedule after making changes. Optimize for multiple agents across multiple days in a single click.

Change Notifications

Wisdom WFM Agent Tools Image

Automatic in-app and email notifications to agents whose schedules have been modified!

Meeting Scheduler

Wisdom WFM Agent Tools Image

Schedule meetings for the most optimal time based on the attendees and forecast

Activity Allocations

Wisdom WFM Agent Tools Image

Allocate activities to specific agents, a team, or a group. Automatically allocate based on forecast overages.


Wisdom WFM Reporting Image

Hundreds of preconfigured reports available at your fingertips. All reports are customizable.


Wisdom WFM Adherence Image

Real-time look at the activity users are performing. Integrated directly with the ACD with transaction markers.


Wisdom WFM Adherence Image

Automatic baselines created every time a critical action is performed. Never lose data again!

Process Monitor

Wisdom WFM Adherence Image

View real time logs of all jobs and actions performed on the system.

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